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Types of Microphones
A site that explains the different types of microphones available (eg, cardioid, omni-directional etc.,) and describes their specific functions.


Berklee Admission FAQ
The scoop on the requirements for acceptance into the famous music school. You may be surprised to know that an audition is not required for acceptance.


Tips, Tricks, and Secrets That Will Launch Your Music Performance or Production Career!


Cliches: The Sleeping Puppy
From Jeff Mallett's songwriter site, an illuminating article on many songwriter's tendencies to overuse cliches.

Roget's Thesaurus
A useful tool for all aspiring lyricists, this no-frills site uses a search engine to provide alternate words with similar meanings to the ones you submit.

Silver Kat Checklist
Tips for writing songs aimed at succeeding in the commercial market. The site makes some practical (if somewhat distressing) points about popular songwriting.

Songwriters on Songwriting
From the website, a large collection of tips and hints on writing great songs from other songwriters around the net.

U.S. Copyright Office Home Page
Government site detailing the copyright laws in the United States, and explaining what procedures you need to follow to copyright your own material.

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