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Acoustic Guitar Song Collection
Website that focuses on a few specific acoustic artists and offers multiple tabs of each, along with bio information, interviews, and more.

Oh Canada Tab Archive
A vast collection of tabs from many of Canada's most prominent performers.

OLGA Search Engine at GuitarNotes Best of the Net
Although not an official mirror site, you can search the OLGA archives and access tab through Guitarnotes. OLGA is by far the most comprehensive tab archive on the web.

Xclusive Guitar Tabs
Another tablature site. A relatively small archive.

Validity of Tab
Lightweight but interesting editorial written by Bob Patterson concerning the use of tablature by many guitarists in place of standard notation. There was a follow up article written, which you can read here.


Bass Tab Archive
Created from the OLGA bass archive, this site offers tab search functions, and more. A very large collection of tablature.


Antique Vintage Guitars Info
An incredible, all-encompassing site. Offers tips on how to buy vintage, info on hundreds of specific vintage guitars, and more.

Dr. Duck's Dating Service
A no-frills site that allows you to date many different types of guitars with ease.

Fender Custom Colors
A good feature that helps to sort out the ambiguous documentation of the custom colors and finishes of vintage Fender guitars.

Guitar Base Guitarmall
A huge vintage guitar site, featuring a search engine to allow you to look for specific models of vintage gear.

Classical Guitar Tablature
A collection of works by some of history's great composers, tabbed out for guitar in a format easy for novices to read.

The Daily Tab
A fresh tab presented every day, on this new site. Visitors are encouraged to submit their tabs to beef up the archive.

Dave's Awesome Guitar Page
An archive of about 200 tabs, organized by band. Many of the tabs created by Dave, the site owner.

Elephant Talk: Robert Fripp Tablature
Various tabs of the eclectic guitarist's recordings. Many are rather difficult, and make excellent technical exercises.

Latest Guitar Tablature
A variety of very recent tabs. Includes a forum which allows visitors to request tablature.

Metal Tabs
Tabs of quite a few heavy metal bands are featured on this page. Site is no longer updated.

Michael's Kitchen
High concentration of classic rock tabs, with a smaller number of tabs by new artists.

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