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Rover Student Plectrum Banjo

The top-selling Rover banjo line is proud to introduce their finest model yet--the Rover RB-45P! Of great interest to the Traditional Jazz fraternity is the Rover RB-45P Plectrum 4-string banjo. Tuned similarly to the classic 5-string, but without the short 5th string, the plectrum tuning offers deep, rich bass tones and close harmony chords at your fingertips.

The novel aluminum rim with built-in tone-ring is a strong, lightweight assembly that is unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity--it gives you a clean, crisp tone with plenty of volume. The slim, professional neck and correct, vintage styled resonator are identical to those on the costliest professional models, and the "fiddle-shaped" headstock is right out of the 1920's--the banjo's Golden Era. Smooth, accurate geared tuning machines and a deluxe tailpiece and armrest--all in gleaming nickel plate--complete this remarkable, affordable banjo--the Rover RB-45P!

  • Standard 11" cast aluminum rim
  • Heavy duty grooved brass tension hoop
  • 24 integrated bracket attachment points
  • P-13 Grooved tension hoop
  • Deluxe P-100 "single-leg" 1930's style armrest
  • P-117 "Old Waverly style" tailpiece
  • Exquisite mahogany neck with East Indian rosewood fingerboard
  • Tradition fiddle-style peghead shape with P-140 Planetary tuners
  • Inlaid dot position markers and adjustable truss rod
  • Vintage-style, bound mahogany resonator
  • Nickel plated 2-pc flange
  • Standrard tuning - CGBD

Rover RB-45p Resonator Banjo rb-45pRegular price: $750.00Sale price: $479.00
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