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Korg BA-40
The easy-to-use bluegrass, banjo and mandolin tuner!

The Korg BA-40 is a dedicated bluegrass tuner used for "bluegrass" instruments, featuring easy-to-use functionality in a compact size that fits in your gig bag or instrument case. With its sleek design, large display and Korg's renowned accuracy, the BA-40 is destined to become a staple among professional or aspiring bluegrass musicians.

Features of the BA-40 Bluegrass tuner

* Dedicated tuner for bluegrass instruments such as banjos, fiddles, mandolins, and various guitars.

* Sharp/flat tuning allows you to tune with a capo attached.

* Meter mode lets you tune according to the input pitch.

* Sound Out mode lets you tune audibly to a reference tone.

* Output jack allows the Korg BA-40 to be connected directly to your amp.

* A convenient built-in stand allows this bluegrass tuner to be used in an upright position.

* Auto Power Off function preserves battery life.

Specialized tuning With its lively up-tempo sounds that feature various stringed instruments, bluegrass music is enjoyed by people all over the world. Korg has now created a dedicated bluegrass tuner for a wide variety of bluegrass instruments

The Korg BA-40 allows you to tune bluegrass instruments including- banjos, fiddles, mandolins,and resophonic guitars-in addition to standard guitars and bass guitars. Perfect fifths are supported for fiddle tuning. The LCD meter-type display on this bluegrass tuner provides better than +/-1 cent accuracy, and features excellent visibility on stage or in the studio to ensure that you can tune easily and accurately.

Korg BA-40 Banjo and Mandolin Tuner BA-40Regular price: $35.99Sale price: $24.99
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