How to Raise a Music Lover

Brought to you by the National PTA

by Stephen F. Zdzinski

Going the Extra Step

Another important way that parents can contribute to their child's music education is to become active in music parent support groups. While many of these groups have a major focus on fund-raising for the school's music program, these groups also can serve other functions.

For example, music parent organizations can

  • Educate other parents and the public at all levels about the benefits of the school music program
  • Provide support services to the music program
  • Serve as advocates for the continuation of music programs in times of budget crises

    With the obvious benefits that children receive from music study, give it a try. Help your children appreciate music, and provide opportunities for them to play a musical instrument. It may just be music to your ears!

    Excerpted from the November 1999 issue of Our Children, which is the official magazine of National PTA.

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