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KORG GA30 Guitar/Bass Tuner

The Korg GA30 is an ultra-compact tuner which lets you select either Guitar mode or Bass mode for easy operation with automatically detected pitch. The wide detection range supports 7-string guitar (7B through 1E) in Guitar mode, and 6-string bass (Low-B, Hi-C) in Bass mode.

Like the GA20 Only Better!!

New Bigger Screen Larger Needle-style LCD meter ensures high precision and easy visibility. Quadra-flat tuning mode allows tuning to a maximum of two whole tones flat

Better Tuning Capability Bass mode features a wide detection range which supports six-string bass (Low-B, Hi-C) AND 7-string guitar.

Now Includes a Speaker Built-in high-sensitivity mic for tuning acoustic instruments Auto and manual tuning modes. Use the speaker to generate tones.

Batteries Included!! Approximately 100 hours of continuous use - Auto power-off function - Strap holder lets you attach a strap for carrying AND batteries included!

GA30Regular price: $22.95Sale price: $19.99
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