School Band Instrument Rentals

Chris B's Music offers rentals of all school instruments. Our instrument rental program in Rhode Island rents woodwinds, brass, string and percussion instruments.

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How the rental program works:
We have always strived to maintain a very high level of professionalism and know that today’s beginning students may be tomorrow’s professionals. For this reason we have tailored our rental program to help ensure the best opportunity for your child’s success.

First, we offer an initial trial period at a special reduced rate. This places a quality musical instrument in your child’s hands during the critical learning period without a large financial commitment.

Second, at the end of the trial period, you may continue to rent on a monthly basis or return the instrument with no further obligation.

Third, all rental fees are credited toward the purchase of the instrument. Additionally, during the first year, you can purchase the instrument at a substantial discount.

Fourth, if you wish to upgrade to an intermediate or professional instrument, you will receive 6 months rental credit towards the purchase of that instrument. The student rental instrument must be returned at that time.

Sometimes finding the best instrument to suit your child involves a bit of experimentation. If you find this to be the case, you can exchange the instrument that you are renting for any other instrument. If you exchange towards a more expensive instrument, then you will receive full credit for all rental fees. If you are exchanging to a less expensive instrument, you will receive up to 12 months rental fee credit. Consult with your child’s music instructor about what other instruments may be more suitable for your child. We will gladly accommodate your request and work with you to the best of our abilities.

String Instrument Exchanges
We offer the best String Instrument Exchange/Purchase plan anywhere! Chris B's Music will exchange the string instrument you started renting for the next size as requested by the music teacher. When the student requires a full size instrument, all paid rental fees will be applied toward the value of a full size instrument provided that the account is current.

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