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Acoustic Guitar Workshop
Online lessons in the art of fingerstyle and acoustic blues. Free ezines, tab, mp3's and more...".

The Ultimate Online Guitar Tutor


Ebay Best of the Net
A very busy site that always has hundreds of guitars on the auction block at one time. Some great bargains to be had... but be careful... it's addictive!


Gibson Basses
From the Chris B's website, browse Gibson Bass guitar photos and descriptions.

How to Buy the Right Bass
From the Bass Player website, an excellent article on what to look for, and what not to look for, when buying a new bass.

Lessons and Tips
From Harmony Central, a series of downloadable lessons on bassline construction, slapping, and tapping bass techniques.

Scales on the Bass
Brought to you by Aaron Scher, an assortment of different scales written out for bass, in both tab and standard notation.

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