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Engelhardt E5544 Cellos are made to conform to the rigid standards drawn up by the String Committee of the Music Educators National Conference. All our student cellos feature lightweight laminated construction for the finest tone and serviceability. They are moisture, temperature and climate proofed. All instruments have rock hard maple necks which resist warping. The tops and backs are fully arched, properly sized and aligned for sensitive response to make the Engelhardt instrument easier to play.

An extremely durable cello available at a budget price. This instrument is especially suited for the beginning student. The body is constructed of maple top and back that will stand up to rough student use. Mahogany finish and hard maple fingerboard and tailpiece. Available 4/4, 3/4, 1/2 sizes. Vinyl bag and fiberglass bow included. Made in the USA.

Outfit includes Becker B75C bow with horsehair and vinyl bag.

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