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At Chris B's we follow one simple concept..treat our customers not only the way we would like to be treated..but the way that you deserve to be treated. Since 1990 we have offered the finest products, service and musical assistance to musicians young and old, beginners and pro. We treat our internet customers with the same level of customer service that our in store customers have come to expect from us over the last nine years. We thank you for allowing us to serve your musical needs, now and in the future

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"From now on, I will see your website first whenever I need something related to music, before I go to local music shops or elsewhere!" If allowed, please cut this comment and paste it to the appropriate place for me.

Thanks! TOSHI

Hi Melanie,

I just wanted to let you know that we received our Daughter's Violin yesterday. We are extremely pleased and grateful for your wonderful service.

I have a friend who will be calling you tomorrow to order another one. Her name is ****. I am also talking to my other friends who have children in the RISD Strings Program. I believe I have at least a possibilty of two additional orders.

I will keep you posted. Again, Thanks!!!


Hello Melanie, Received my package - arrived in great shape! Really appreciate the gift certificate and fast service; I'll definitely be advertising for Chris B's!!
Very impressed,

> Hi Melanie, > The strings arrived yesterday,thanks so much for > ordering them for me! > I'll definitely go through your store next time I > need something like this! > aloha,
> julie

Rating: Excellent Comments: Not only did I get a great price and prompt service for my son's violin, I received instant confirmation and tracking information for my order by e-mail! Within two days of receiving my shipment I have already recommended this store to a few of my friends and intend to spread the news to the other Suzuki parents in my child's school! My child's teacher approved the quality of the product as well. Glad I found Chris B's.

Recived the violin yesterday in great shape, thanks for your help and I know our daughter-in-law will love it. Great looking violin and very well made. thanks again

We received our violin today. It was in wonderful condition.

Madeline is thrilled with her new violin. (You were right about the size too. She seems to able to handle it much easier than the 1/8 that the music school gave her.) It has a much nicer sound than her rental. You've made her a very happy four year old. I'm going to make sure to tell all the kids in her group about your store.

Rating: Excellent Comments: We ordered the violin on Friday evening and had it in possession on Thursday of the next week. Thank you for your quick attention. We were notified along the way of the status and with my excited 11 year old, that was wonderful to have. She is very excited about her new violin and can't wait until she had it in her class tomorrow.

The instruments arrived this morning in fine shape. My son has already practiced (and is thrilled at how much better he sounds than on the old rental with the broken neck he had last year) and the girls are anxiously waiting for their dad to finish installing the fine tuners and setting up bridges so that they can begin. We're going to have a regular little Suzuki class here until school starts up!

Thanks for such prompt and friendly service.

Rating: Excellent Comments: I was pleasantly surprised with the fast curteous service that I received! Over the internet you just never know what you will encounter and Chris B's music is certainly a diamond in the rough. I was not able to obtain much help from the music stores in my area, so Chris B's has been an absolute Godsend!!!

Rating: Excellent Comments: Fast, friendly, and helpful before, during, and after transaction. They did everything they possibly could to make this a wonderful and worthwhile investment and not a chancy and questionable purchase. They were prompt with delivery: the whole transaction from the time of my order until I received the merchandise was less than a week! What a great surprise that was!

My Daughters Music Instructor was impressed with the Quality and Low Cost of the Intermediate Violin we ordered. Fellow members of the Strings were paying $500.00 Plus for Beginner Violins and we were able to get a higher quality instrument for $250.00. Thanks Chris B!

They handled all problems immediately, responding to my e-mail with a personal phone call directly from the customer service department. I was highly impressed with their efficiency and knowledge.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Only the highest praise and recommendations for Chris B.'s Music! The most excellent of the excellent, Chris B.'s Music put playing a musical instrument within my financial reach so that I could make the dreams of my children possible! And they have been nothing but helpful and courteous along the way! Great prices, excellent quality, and superb customer service! THANK YOU MANY TIMES OVER!

I had placed an order with a request not to backorder because I needed the merchandise (a metronome for use by our daughter's music lessons) within about a one week timeframe. Chris B's called me to say they were out of stock and might not get restocked in time to fill my order. I told them I could deal with one or two more days of delay. The metronome arrived just a couple of days later. A note in the package explained that they obtained the unit from another retailer to fill my order in my original time frame.

Way to go Chris B's !!!

My order arrived right away. It was guitar strings and they sent me two sets for the price of one, AND a $10 coupon towards my next purchase! Also, what I loved was they e-mailed me right away in reply to my request to ship this order to my work address. I highly recommend this great company!! I will be a return customer!

I wrote once before I got the item to say that I was very pleased with their customer service. Now I got the item and I am even more pleased. Not only that it got to me on time (faster than I had actually thought), but because the item that I had initially ordered was not in stock, they upgraded it to the next thing and sent me a better product! I was very pleasantly surprised. Thank you very much and congratulations on your professionalism!

I must say that you are the best customer service person I have ever dealt with (and I do a lot of Internet shopping). Please pass along this note to anyone who might help you get recognized/rewarded for your very excellent efforts on my behalf!

I just wanted to thank you for all of the help in purchasing a trumpet for my son. He is extremely pleased with it. The instructor was impressed with its performance as well. The main thing is, my son (Ben), finally has something he is proud of and wants to practice. Actually, he is sounding very well. He might not grow up to be a famous musician, but then again...who knows.

Thanks for the great service. I purchased a Uke from Chris B's Music. Looking forward to doing business again.

hello! i recieved the violin today and my daughter was jumping for joy...thank you and i will post feedback.mike

hi, thank you for the e-mail. i received the violin today 9/7/00. my daughter is thrilled with it. i will send it to the school on monday for the teacher to set it up correctly. thank you for the good service and the good update on the ups tracking. i will have other people from the school get in touch with your company for there purchases. thanks again melanie.

Hey Chris, I really like my RX40. The sound is smooth and clear, and it's easy to play. I got it in early december, but I kind of abandoned my presents I got for christmas to play it. What I like most about it is how much I paid for it. I feel that this is the best choice I could have made in picking my first electric guitar. Thanks, Alex

Chris, Greetings from Huntsville, Alabama. I appreciate your quick response to my inquiry on the Ibanez RX40. I have a follow on question for you. On your website I saw the GRX40 listed for $175, was that an old sale price or is that still the current price for that guitar? If it is I believe you and I should be able to do some business here in the very near future because you have some great prices! Thanks again for the response. Todd

Hello Chris, Thank you for shipping the guitar out so quickly, although my daughter already knows she is getting a guitar, I am glad that it will be here early for Christmas. Again thank you for your great service. Merry Christmas and have a great New Year. Larry

Hi Chris. The Bass came in yesterday. It was delivered to my parents house, and I picked it up last night. I appreciate all of your effort in trying to get it to me. The bass sounds great, and it was set up just about perfect for me. Thanks again, Tim

Just wanted to let you know the violin came on Friday. The kids can't wait to dig in. Thanks-- Take care and thanks again. Kathy Brown

Yeah it arrived on the 5th. It's really cool. Thank you so much for everything. It's great. Jessica

Hi Chris, Got the Talman a while ago. I've only used it on one gig because the humbuckers are much fatter than the lipstick tubes I've been using. It is a beautiful guitar. Some of my employees have told me to sell it because they can't get used to seeing me with such a classy looking guitar. I'm getting ready to practice some and kind of begin the tweaking process right now but I checked my e-mail and thought I'd better write back to thank you. The guitar is gorgeous. I will be very happy to exchange links with you. Thanks again for the great guitar. (even if it is too nice for me) and I'll be talking to you soon. Thanks again for the great deal on a great guitar. Please feel free to use all or part of this letter as an endorsement on your web site. I own a service oriented music store in Texas and you impressed me! Hope to talk to you soon. Thanks again. Grant Mazak Mazak Music

Thank you very much for putting together the bass and amp. It's great to be able to such a great brand as Ibanez for such a good price. Now I can play Metallica and all that cool stuff. Thanx much. Jessica Slayton

I am so excited i had the opportunity to win this auction. I almost feel it was fate. You see.... . i saw your add.. Fantastic isn't it. Saw your comments were all positive and knew this could be possible. Please email me for the shipping details and any other questions you have.. Im so excited. Im sorry if i sound a little over anxious but she will be so surprized. no idea i tell you no idea. Am eager to recieve you email

Done. Your link is up on my Guitar Page. Please link to my site at Thanks! I browsed your site and really think it's good. I haven't come across a site on the net that offers rentals, so it was a first for me. Thanks again, Michael Sullivan

man, you guys are awesome! the search is going great! A friend of a friend is selling me his for about half what it would cost new, and i get it on monday! I really appreciate your help with my guitar quest, and when I start lookin' for a new amp, I'm hitting your page first! Thanks again! Ryan Chavers- Tallahassee Florida

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love the mouthpiece... found out that my secondhand clarinet actually works!!!!! thanks a million!

Yes, I got the violin and it is just fine. Now if I can just figure out how to play the thing without making everyone leave the room. > Thanks very much! > --Tom

I received the violin and it's in great shape. Thanks a lot. My son's music teacher inquired for your address and ordering information so I gave your business card for referrals. Appreciate the quick shipment of the item. ROY

I had a wonderful experience ordering from Chris B's Music. I have already forwarded this site to several family members for future purchases. My daughter was very happy with her violin and I have received rave reviews from her music teacher.

Thank You Chris B's Music!!!

Thanks Chris, We will put a good word for you guys on the Net.

In all the years I have been buying instruments I have never been more impressed and pleased with the attention given to personal service and the quality of merchandise than now. You and your staff treated me like an old friend. You are to be commended and music store around....My Ibanez is a work of art...sounds great looks great.... Can't thank you enough.....Alan

Hey Chris, Man what you are doing for me is nothing but a CLASS ACT man!!! It is rare that you will find a business man that is out to please the customer these days. I am vey pleased with the prices and the other opportunities that you are offering. Again Thank You, Brian D. Wells

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