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Contains info on all Alesis products via an online catalog, has a downloads area, offers customer support, etc.

Fecently overhauled site provides excellent support and info regarding Boss effect pedals.

A brief introduction to the vintage-style pedal/guitar/amp makers. Not a whole lot of information here, but it does provide contact info.

A really strong site that offers strong support for all Digitech products, tips, mailing lists, downloadable manuals (in .pdf format), and much more.

Includes a "tech talk" area, where Dod pedal owners can ask questions, and get feedback about their gear..

Relatively basic site that gives brief outlines of pedals that Ibanez offers.

Site that boasts new products, but is incomplete in it's archiving of older Korg equipment.

The makers of the highly regarded RAT pedal offer a simple but informative site, including product specs.

Info (including patches) on the few guitar effects processors that Yamaha has available.

Website featuring the popular multi-effect units. Those interested can download users manuals of Zoom products from the site.


B.C. Rich
From the makers of some of the most unusually shaped guitars around.

Website for one of the worlds most popular guitar manufacturing companies.

Official site offers documentation (with pics) of the various types of guitars the company manufactures. Each guitar includes a listing of it's retail price.

The comprehensive Gibson website features contests and give-aways, as well as plenty of information on all Gibson products.

Guild Guitars
Official site that provides several interesting features, including a "date your guitar" page.

Martin & Co.
Famous acoustic guitar-maker's website.

Official site of the guitars made by Ernie Ball. Pics and specs are shown for each of guitar, but site doesn't give much other documentation, or provide any info on pricing.

From the Kaman Music site, a page devoted to the somewhat controversial round-backed guitars.

This official site features all the customary information about Rickenbacker guitars and basses. No price information given.

Website of the popular acoustic/electric-acoustic guitarmakers.

Washburn Guitars
A very helpful site that offers solid documentation of Washburn products, with an online price guide.


The Amp Database
From Harmony Central, a compilation of amplifier reviews. Especially helpful for those planning on buying an amp.

The Guitar Database
From Harmony Central, an interactive collection of reviews on numerous different guitars.

Guitar World Gear Reviews
From the 's website, a relatively small archive of detailed guitar and gear reviews.


Audio Recording Center
Good sound advice for the independent music maker.

From the "Ultimate Online Guitar Tutor" website, a good collection of musical definitions that will satisfy the curiosity of new guitarists.

TAXI: The Independent A&R Vehicle
connecting unsigned artists, bands and songwriters with major record labels, publishers, and film & TV music supervisors.

Ultimate Online Guitar Tutor: Lessons
An excellent series of lessons that covers buying a guitar, and learning to read tab, to playing argeggios, and bass-strum style.

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