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Balalaika Prima Ukulele

Our Balalaika Prima Ukulele has 4 strings and measures approximately 27 inches in length. This Tenor-sized instrument is based upon a 430mm (17 inches) scale. The body has the classical triangular shape. The back is slightly bowed and made of alternating staves of sheesham rosewood (Dalbergia sissoo) and lacewood (Platanus orientalus). The darker back contrasts with the light colored wood of the soundboard. The neck is solid sheesham rosewood and features a nut width of 37mm (1 1/2 inch) with a bone nut. This instrument is outfitted with standard friction ukulele tuners. The tension on each friction tuner can be adjusted by tightening or loosing the screw on the top of the tuner.

Balalaika Ukulele UKTVGRegular price: $259.00Sale price: $189.00
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