Ibanez AX Series at Guaranteed Lowest Prices

Keep your playing tension where you want it, but get the low tones you want - at a low price, too!

Ibanez AX guitars are about as no-frills basic rock and roll as you can get in a guitar. However, with just one pickup instead of usual two, the Ibanez AX110XL Baritone Electric Guitar makes the other AX guitars look almost complex in comparison.

But the AX110XL "baritone" guitar offers something that no other AX has offered before, an extended scale 27" inch neck. That longer neck scale provides greater string tension, which allows players to lower tunings than they could with a shorter scale neck where low tunings often result in "floppy" strings that don't stay in tune.

Ibanez AX-110XL Baritone Electric Guitar Features:

* Body material - mahogany * Neck material - 3pc maple * Neck scale/type - 27"/AX-XL * No. Frets/type - 22/large * Fingerboard - bound rosewood * Inlay - pearl dot * Bridge - fixed * Harware color - black * Bridge pickup - IBZ AH4 axis humbucker * Controls - one volume/one tone

Ibanez AX125
Ibanez AX125

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