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Antonio Hermosa AH-15 Flamenco Guitar

Antonio Hermosa Flamenco guitars are both percussive and capable of projecting clearly over the nailed shoes of the flamenco dancers.

The choice of cypress for the back and sides gives these guitars a brighter sound than traditional classical guitars. In a nod to classic building techniques, the Antonio Hermosa Flamenco guitar is built with a solid spruce top and cypress back and sides for extra volume.

The Antonio Hermosa luthiers offer players a guitar carefully designed to produce the percussive sound flamenco guitarists are looking for and projection loud enough to be heard clearly solo, or accompanying an ensemble of dancers.

Top: Solid Spruce Back & Sides: Cypress Neck: Mahogany Finish: Glossy Rosette: Mosaic Fretboard: Rosewood Frets: Nickel, 18

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