26 Things You Can Do

26 Things You Can Do

1. Send a press release to your local paper announcing your activities supporting music education. Highlight the importance of the program in your schools.

2. Work with local groups to dedicate every local music event during March to encourage support for music education.

3. Arrange student performances at schools, local businesses, the public library, or City Hall so the community can see the program.

4. Obtain an official proclamation from your Mayor or City Council dedicating a day or the month of March as Music In Our Schools Month.

5. Ask your local cinema to show a slide supporting music education programs before each movie begins. Or, ask to have them run a VH1 Save The Music PSA.

6. Suggest local businesses "adopt" a music program for the month.

7. Ask your local weatherman to mention your music education advocacy initiative and to salute local music programs during March.

8. Ask to have a full-page ad donated in your local paper highlighting the benefits of music in your school

9. Encourage public performances in the town square, on the sidewalk, etc.

10. Wear a VH1 Save The Music lapel pin or, if you're a music educator, an MENC pin. Be certain to tell people what it means to you and to students.

11. Hold a one-day (or longer!) mall music showcase/instrument drive. Work with a local radio station to help promote your efforts

12. Does your city have its own magazine? Get it involved with a local story about your activities!

13. Ask local reporters and newscasters to mention your campaign in stories on local events.

14. Establish an award for an outstanding administrator who has demonstrated strong support for music in your community.

15. Write a letter to your Member of Congress listing events in the district. Invite him or her to participate!

16. Alert your newspaper's "datebook" section to include your activities.

17. E-mail everyone you know and encourage them to participate in the month-long celebration of Music In Our Schools Month in March.

18. Create inserts for performance centers to be included in their programs.

19. Sponsor essay competitions for children to write about why music is important to them --and arrange for the local newspaper to run the winning entry.

20. Ask the supermarket or other retailers to print paper bags with the Save the Music or Music In Our Schools Month logo.

21. Turn local performance into "informances" with program information and remarks from the stage. Place messages in local concert programs (this includes local elementary, middle school and high school concerts, professional plays, concerts and events).

22. Place factoids on the importance of music education into school performance programs during the month of March. Better yet, do it all year long!

23. Use the Save The Music Advocacy Video to inform others about the need to support music education for children.

24. Be Creative! Look for opportunities to tie in with existing events to promote your music education advocacy initiative (symphony concerts, band concerts, holiday events, local music education meetings, etc.).

25. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper to support your efforts.

26. Make certain that all the important people in your community teachers, parents, and decision-makers see Music of My Heart.

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