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Staggered Strings And Set-In Necks For All-New Ibanez AX

January 20, 2003

Ibanez adds new set-in neck models to its line of AX guitars. Along with the increased sustain and easier upper fret access afforded by a mahogany set-in neck (standard AX's feature bolt-on maple neck), the new AXS32 models sport a special hair-line pickguard for an appearance that's an interesting combination of high tech and retro.

Sustain is also increased by thru-body stringing which also results in more consistent string-to-string feel as the string holes are staggered to compensate for different string tensions.

Ibanez BTB Bass Goes Downscale

New BTB300 Features Starndard 34" Neck Scale

January 20, 2003

The Ibanez BTB Series was originally designed to offer bassists the select woods, passive pickujps and high tech hardware and active EQ's of the small "boutique" shops--but at production bass prices. They were also designed as a thicker neck alternative than the company's narrow necked Soundgear basses.

However, not everyone was comfortable with the extra long 35" neck scale, one of the signature features of the BTB line. In response to Ibanez retailer requests for a standard scale version, the new BTB300 features the 34" neck scale of most basses--and at $649.99, it's also the least expensive member of the BTB line up.

The BTB300 does come equipped with many of the other signature BTB features such as Neutrik locking jacks and the Mono-Rail II bridge which features isolated saddles. The body is made of mahogany for warmth and sustain to which a bubinga top is added for tonal balance.

New Ibanez Prestige Models With New Edge-Pro and ZR Locking Trems

January 20, 2003

Ibanez has expanded the number of high-end Ibanez Prestige models. Prestige guitar and bass are made in Japan by Ibanez's most experienced luthiers using sophisticated guitar making technology. Each instrument features extra steps of finishing to give the comfortable feel of necks broken and rounded by years of dedicated playing. In addition, Prestige models also feature many deluxe and high tech electronics and appointments.

For 2003, Ibanez Prestige electric guitars featuring double-locking tremolo systems are now equipped with the new Edge-Pro (on Prestige RG models) and ZR tremolos (on S models).

The RG1550 (the new Prestige version of the classic RG550) features the Edge-Pro, the lowest profile tremolo Ibanez has ever made.

The S1650 is equipped with the ZR (Zero Resistance) tremolo, which uses roller bearings for super smooth action and superior return to pitch.

SRX400 Basses Introduced at Winter NAMM 2003

January 21, 2003

"For players for whom simple and powerful aren't simple and powerful enough, there's the new Ibanez SRX400 bass," goes the claim of the Ibanez 2003 catalog. The new SRX400 is a member of the Soundgear Xtreme family which was designed for players who want a loud, simple to operate axe. However, the SRX400 reduces matters even further to the basics. The SRX400 features only one pickup, a "ridiculously loud" Passive Full Range Alnico 4N, and just two controls, one of which is an Active Phat II Booster.

Says Ritchie Umemura of the Ibanez Bass division: "I think we've got everything now for players who want a narrow necked bass with active electronics. For players who want sophistication and absolute tonal control, there are our regular pro Soundgears. For players who want uncomplicated and powerful, we have the original Soundgear Xtreme basses. And for players who want simple and brutal, there's the new SRX400."

Ibanez Debuts "Jet King" Guitar at Winter NAMM

January 21, 2003

Ibanez guitars are normally known for their sleek, futuristic looks but the latest Ibanez offering looks some of the guitars the company put out in the early to mid-60's--something you might found hanging in an old pawnshop. Which is exactly the vibe the new Jet King models are supposed to give. Originally developed under the code name "Pawnshop Project," the Jet King models were designed in the retro spirit of the new "Garage Rockers."

"The Jet Kings are a number of guitars we're introducing in 2003 that represent a new territory for us," remarked Shogo Hayashi of Ibanez. "They have the cool low tech look and simplicity of the old guitars, but they still have coil taps and quieter operation of modern axes. Also there's a brushed metal pickguard that has the right look for the guitar, but you probably wouldn't have found on a lot of the old axes." In keeping with their mid-60's look, the Jet Kings feature the old Ibanez "spaghetti" logo that was used on Ibanez electric guitars and basses from the 60's until the very early 80's.

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